Ida Rukavina
Executive Director
Phone: 218-235-0029

RAMS visit to Minntac with State Legislatures 2021

Itasca Ski Hill

RAMS DC Delegation visit 2021 on land withdrawal

Mayor Rick Cannata Wild RIce/Sulfate rally

Pike Bay Marina Lake Vermilion

Moon over Queen City photo created by Matt Herberg

RAMS hearing 1940

2016 Press conference on US Forest Service - Virginia, MN

New bridge at night photo by P Pluswick

Tom Rukavina at rally prior to MPCA hearing at MCC

RAMS meets with Congressman Stauber in DC 2021

Hwy 53 bridge Nov 2016 photo by F Luomanen

RAMS Board Members with State Legislatures 2022

RAMS visits Cliffs Toledo Facility 2021


Kawishiwi Falls - Ely MN photo by Adrian Koski 2016


Range Association of Municipalities & Schools – Resolutions from the Past

Throughout the 80 years that RAMS has existed, the organization has worked to enhance the wellbeing of the Iron Range, impacting communities, schools and townships. One of the goals for RAMS is to “enhance economic development” and over the years a variety of issues have become part of the annual legislative agenda that RAMS prepares and lobbies in support of during the state legislative session. From supporting the Ely Bear Center to trying to secure the Saturn automotive plant, the development of Giants Ridge and even a request for a municipally-owned casino in downtown Ely, RAMS has made it known that a real effort will be made by the Association to secure and promote economic diversity in the Taconite Assistance Area. Here are some of the resolutions passed by the RAMS board over the years.