Ida Rukavina
Executive Director
Phone: 218-235-0029

RAMS hearing 1940

RAMS DC Delegation visit 2021 on land withdrawal

RAMS meets with Congressman Stauber in DC 2021

Kawishiwi Falls - Ely MN photo by Adrian Koski 2016

Itasca Ski Hill

RAMS visits Cliffs Toledo Facility 2021

RAMS Board Members with State Legislatures 2022

2016 Press conference on US Forest Service - Virginia, MN

Moon over Queen City photo created by Matt Herberg

Pike Bay Marina Lake Vermilion

Hwy 53 bridge Nov 2016 photo by F Luomanen


RAMS visit to Minntac with State Legislatures 2021

Tom Rukavina at rally prior to MPCA hearing at MCC

New bridge at night photo by P Pluswick

Mayor Rick Cannata Wild RIce/Sulfate rally