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Executive Director Ida Rukavina discusses the broadband speed test with Renee Passal on WDIO


November 9, 2021


FROM: Range Association of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS)

RE:     Broadband Speed Test

Today we are pleased to announce that the Range Association of Municipalities and Schools (RAMS) will be the new host of the Minnesota statewide speedtest project.  This map and initiative was previously hosted by the MN Rural Broadband Coalition. This crowdsourcing speed test will allow local governments, area partners, communities, and providers to better identify underserved and unserved areas as well as help consumers see for themselves if they are actually getting the service (broadband speed) that they are paying for.  RAMS is able to host this test with the help of one of our Corporate members, GEO Partners, LLC who will be helping analyze the data and create usable maps and information. RAMS is also pleased that the retired director of RAMS, Steve Giorgi, has remained on Minnesota’s state broadband task force and is continuing to volunteer and help Minnesota communities gain access to affordable, high-speed internet. RAMS helped start this testing process in April of 2020 and the information gathered directly from the end users (you) will be used extremely important to further the development of high speed internet for the citizens of Minnesota. We recognize that not all of our areas of the State face the same challenges and this testing will help shed light on some of the challenges our communities still face. Residents are encouraged to “TAKE THE TEST” on the RAMS Broadband website at:  https://broadband.ramsmn.org/

RAMS Board Letter 10.22.2021