Executive Director
Phone: 218-748-7651
Email: rams@ramsmn.org

Tom Rukavina at rally prior to MPCA hearing at MCC

Hwy 53 bridge Nov 2016 photo by F Luomanen

RAMS Board Members with State Legislatures 2022

New bridge at night photo by P Pluswick

RAMS visits Cliffs Toledo Facility 2021

RAMS hearing 1940

Itasca Ski Hill

Mayor Rick Cannata Wild RIce/Sulfate rally

RAMS meets with Congressman Stauber in DC 2021

RAMS DC Delegation visit 2021 on land withdrawal


Pike Bay Marina Lake Vermilion

Kawishiwi Falls - Ely MN photo by Adrian Koski 2016

Moon over Queen City photo created by Matt Herberg

RAMS visit to Minntac with State Legislatures 2021

2016 Press conference on US Forest Service - Virginia, MN

Notice of Board Vacancy

  • Nominees must have a qualifying election certificate from a City, Township, or School District within the Taconite Assistance Area. 
  • Board will review nominations, make a recommendation, and appoint at 6/27 meeting. 
  • The board may ask nominees to speak on their behalf. 
  • Must run in 12/19/24 election if wishing to serve term 2025-2027.

Nominations are due to rams@ramsmn.org by 6/20/24, 5:00pm.

Contact rams@ramsmn.org or call 218-748-7651 for more information.


RAMS Press Release – DNR Mile Post 7 Tailings Facility Decision



RAMS hires new Executive Director!

Coming soon to a meeting near you…Paul Peltier – new Executive Director for RAMS.
See the press release issued by RAMS announcing the hiring of Paul Peltier as the new Executive Director for RAMS. Paul is excited to get back closer to his roots on the Iron Range and to begin working hard for our region.  See the full release HERE.

Interim Director, Steve Giorgi will remain at the helm until Paul has been afforded the opportunity to relocate and a transition with Paul takes place.  Congrats to Paul, the Board of Directors is anxious to begin working with Paul.

RAMS needs to adjust annual fees for Membership:

Can you imagine belonging to an organization that provides you with valuable services, information, advocacy and professional lobbying services and hasn’t raised its fees for those services in over 21 years?  Well, if you are a current dues paying member of RAMS, that is exactly what has occurred. RAMS has done a tremendous job of doing the work on very narrow margins with the funding they receive, and the time has come when it can no longer continue to do so without increasing annual fees to assure the continuance of those valued services.
Please read the following message on this matter HERE

To provide feedback on this issue please send your comments to: paul@ramsmn.org

Fostering economic development across Minnesota’s Iron Range

One Range… One Voice

Ensuring the voices of our Range cities, townships, and schools will be heard on the issues of economic enhancement and quality of life.

Serving Cities, Townships and Schools since 1939.

The Range Association of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS) was created in 1939 by the joining together of the Range Civic Association and the Range Municipalities Committee to promote legislation beneficial to its membership.
The main function of RAMS is to monitor proposed State and Federal legislation and determine how it may affect Association member units of government. The Range Association of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS) works closely with the Iron Range Delegation, the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) , and area economic development entities to further community development and quality of life for all member units.


New Statewide Speedtest Initiative!

RAMS is pleased to announce this project in partnership with GEO Partners, LLC.  Click now to learn more about this initiative!